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On Hold
I'm tired of hearing
An imitation of your tones.
Telling me you aren't there.
5 rings,
and before it gets to the beep,
I hang up.
No use in unheard voicemails.
I look out my window
And I can still see you
Leaning against "your" car
Waiting for the 5 minutes
That tides us over for another year
Or more...
So precious
Now a distant memory
What's next?
Do I forget your face
How you would smirk to hide the smile?
Or how about the cadence of your voice?
Soft and sure?
Or should I just keep calling?
Counting the rings
Praying that I don't reach the number 5
But instead reach you.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 0 5
Just a Thought
Unexpected and confusing
Endless hours and the sun finds me
With the same questions.
How would it feel?
Tracing your cheek
Down your arm?
Finding your hand?

Full of surprises and secrets
The moon smiles on while I listen
Still as stone
Caught in the stories
Of a wounded man
Yearning for more.
All my desires, my fears
Float on the night wind
Just to find you
Speaking for a lost girl
Wondering how it would feel
To kiss a wounded man.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 0 0
I'm proud.
To say that you are my friend.
Through the hate,
Because it didn't matter.
What they dreamed,
What you dreamed.
Your heart led you.
And still does.
My tears unshed,
The fear swallowed.
So that you can go on.
And fight for what you love.
While we wait
To see you home.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 0 7
Mature content
What I Love About You :icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 2 8
Mature content
Empty Love :icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 1 3
What are you?
It doesn't make sense to me.
How someone so genuine, so unique
could possibly be human born.
You keep drawing me closer,
When all I want to do is stay where I'm at.
It's comfortable, it's safe.
But with you...
anything is possible.
By your side,
I start to dream again.
My mind wakes to the timbre of your voice
Yearning for more.
Needing more.
Heaven sent.
Human bred.
Utterly unique,
An angel.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 1 2
We won’t have another chance. So please...
Tell me you want me, so I can beg you to kiss me,
Just like we dreamed,
Just like we wished, miles apart.
Tonight we will make each fantasy a reality.
Tonight we can blame the wine and beer
(We both know it’s a lie.)
Tonight is our little secret,
No reason for him to know.
No reason for three hearts to be broken,
Three dreams shattered.
(They say ignorance is bliss...)
Tonight will be our first and last love.
What a lovely dream we live tonight…
Together at last,
Until dawn breaks the spell
(So that’s how Cinderella felt. So rushed…so desperate.)
And when that hour comes, let’s smile and shake hands.
But when I walk away, I know my heart will stay behind,
Forever with tonight.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 4 6
Mature content
Hurt :icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 2 2
I want you
I gotta have you.
I need that hot touch, tracing my face my neck…
I have to touch you, put my hand over you heart, just to know we are alive.
And together.
This flame is burning me from the inside out.
This hunger increases each day,
And demands to be sated.
There is no reason for us to wait.
When it’s obvious we are aching,
Wanting, needing each other in every possible way.
So take my hand
And lead us to Eden.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 4 0
I miss your ghost smile
It’s there and gone,
But I still got you.
Don’t deny it.
I miss the tough words
How we never follow through.
Proof that you’re there,
and I’m here.
I miss Breaking Benjamin
And I miss you.
But I’m too scared to ask…
Do you miss…
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 1 0
Cross My Heart
Wrapped in white lace,
And sealed with a kiss.
(Keeping it together,)
I’m sorry about the damage.
Does it bother you much?
(It tortures me.)
It’s not much,
But it’s all I have.
(Can you mend it…)
Please cherish my heart,
It’s in your hands.
(Or hope I die?)
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 1 0
When Night Met Day
Who would of thought…that sparks would float silently in the breeze while we talked? Who noticed the stars twinkling with secret knowledge through the night...Not me.
And who could have imagined our endless laughter? Who would have imagined that lovers could be clueless about their own heart’s desire…Not me.
When was the last time someone was held like you hold me? When was the last time intimacy was shared without a single kiss stolen or word spoken…Who knows.
Who would have thought that true love can grow under the strangest circumstance?
Who could have imagined the passion burning endlessly…
When Night met Day?
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 3 3
Your goodbye never left me.
Instead it filled me with tar
I can't breathe...
I don't want to.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 2 4
Just one word
And I fall
To my knees.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 1 0
Foolish Dreamer
What are you thinking?
When did you change?
Why did this friendship go sour?
You thought there was something…
More than this?
Can’t we just be?
It’s not complicated
But you still persist…
Stubborn fool.
What do you want me to say?
I love you?
Kiss me?
Quit dreaming.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 2 5
I don’t you think you understand
Just what you mean to me.
There’s something to be said about a man,
Who can make a girl feel free.
Free from this world.
Free from expectations.
Free from pretenses.
Running wild, being alive.
That is the precious gift your love brought me.
But you still curse yourself
Thinking you aren’t what I need you to be.
I need you the way you are.
I need this just as is.
I need you to run away from me,
And give another girl your precious gift.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 3 8

Random Favourites

Count the Ways
I wrote your name 1,003 times on multiple pieces of paper,
             In books, on my desk, with broken hearts,
In print. In cursive. Smeared by tears,
                    On chalkboards, On posters,
          Things I could burn, Things I could break,
Anything that said you existed but no more--
                In hopes my hands would be utterly exhausted,
Would loathe the very thought of your name,
                And I would no longer find it slipping into my poetry,
My stories, my dreams, my thoughts—MY HEAD.
I wrote my name by itself without yours 2,056 times
:icondoorfromheaven:doorfromheaven 103 32
Romantic Messiah
Everyone knows who I am, there's no need to cry
I'm the one who will make the stand, now it's do or die

I have witnessed a living hell up close
And I have heard the cries of those with lost hope
The sound of wailing is strong in my mind
It's time for a new age...let this angel rise
Everyone knows who I am, there's no need to cry
I'm the one who will make the stand, now it's do or die
With wings of silver and of pure heart
I am the Romantic Messiah, let the love start

Broken hearts are on the rise now more than before
How did we let this happen, what was the cause?
And just how long are we meant to stand by
Whilst the concepts of love and joy die
Everyone knows who I am, there's no need to cry
I'm the one who will make the stand, now it's do or die
With wings of silver and of pure heart
I am the Romantic Messiah, let the love start

I come from Heaven above to save us all
The weeping of the broken was my call
And so I descend to Earth with one goal in view
To awaken
:iconstevejones313:SteveJones313 15 35
Lovely Puppet
She looks in the mirror
and the change that's come over her is all you can see,
looking deeper into her eyes,
you'll find a heart longing to be free.
You can see it in her face
the weariness of being held by strings,
performing for the lies of love
and the hope that it brings.
A dancing puppet,
that jumps when he commands,
appearing at a second's notice,
dropping everything just to be beneath his hands.
Such a long time,
and yet the show still goes on,
no one has closed the production,
and told her that there's more to her than just yarn.
:iconsoslovinsungirl:soslovinsungirl 3 6
Two Become One
One needing the other
with an intensity undenied,
back and forth to no end,
creativity as their only guide.
All it takes is one look
and the pen goes aflight,
bringing hidden feelings to the surface
with the words they each would write.
Something she does
or the nothings he'd say,
become the keys to the doorway
into souls you don't see everyday.
Their passions emerge
in their own fiery way,
giving face to freedoms
and the need for the other to stay.
Fight as they may
its not something they can choose,
with two becoming one,
this artist and the muse.
:iconsoslovinsungirl:soslovinsungirl 5 9
Is anybody here?
Is that beating all around me
that's so consistant and clear?
Where am I?
How long have I been here?
Why is this door locked?
and why is it marked with a tear?
I see no one entering,
and only one portrait hanging on the wall,
who is that man
and what is that song I hear reveberating throughout the hall?
I don't understand,
its as if time is standing still,
I feel the presence of a great love
but also a saddening lack of will.
This is supposed to be a place of magic
a realm of great devotion,
its not meant to be closed off
to any flow of emotion.
Where's the key,
to unlock this frozen heart,
I need to get out of here,
before it shatters apart.
:iconsoslovinsungirl:soslovinsungirl 3 15
A Kiss Locked In His Heart

“Well, just because you said that...if I don't survive, I'll be haunting your dreams.”
“You already do.”
“Oh really? Except now it'll be all the things you'll never have...”

The light drifted in through the curtains and fluttered under his eyelids. He groaned, tossing the covers so they fell over his head and turned his body away from the light. He did not want anything to disrupt her beautiful face. Her hand was reaching out to stroke his cheek, and she was smiling in that devious manner that sent shivers up his spine. The anticipation was killing him. He wanted her. He wanted to be lost in the flavor of her hair, the scent of her skin, damped with perspiration, and to die in the suffocation of a kiss which leaves one breathless forever.
But she was already dead.
Melanie had been lying silent in front of a marble gravestone for three weeks now. He hadn't even brought himself to visit her grave site since the funeral as if visiting it again would s
:icondoorfromheaven:doorfromheaven 28 16
I Want
I want to be loved,
to have no doubt of your affection,
I want to be so much apart of your world,
that it'd take world war three to sever the connection.
I want to look into your eyes
and see your fire burning bright,
but I want to see me at the heart of the flame,
with no chance of another girl burning up your nights.
I want you to hold me
and tell me no any time I have to leave,
only letting the jaws of life
be the force to return me to reality.
I want to feel beautiful
every time you glance my way,
knowing that you can't wait to get me alone,
at the end of each and every day.
I want to know that I can collapse into your arms
whenever the world brings me to my knees,
that you'd never use my weaknesses
to get me to do whatever you please.
I want to know that on my last day of life,
you'll still see me as your most cherished gift,
knowing that your perception of me is timeless,
is a perspective I never want to see shift.
I'm sorry if you see me as a silly girl,
for wanting to constantl
:iconsoslovinsungirl:soslovinsungirl 5 9
You can't write a poem when you are in love--
            Not in the sense of trying to capture what you feel,
What you see, what you desire because there is only so much that can be said.
A simple syllable which grabs the tongue in a choke-hold,
                Suffocates the senses and drowns out any other thoughts of logic,
Until every math equation, grammatical structure, and fine pieces of literature
:icondoorfromheaven:doorfromheaven 49 27
Fighting Angel
There's a girl I know,
with a heart as big as the sky,
its hard to believe she doesn't have wings,
that she's even human kind.
I'd swear she's a fighting angel,
Gabriel's got nothing on her,
fighting to help others,
no matter when or where.
Dear sweet, fighting angel,
sent to me in my time of need,
I can never thank you enough
for tending to my heart as it bleeds.
She'd face an army of devils,
if it meant protecting those she loves,
hell, she doesn't even have to know you
for her to give evil a shove.
Always open to what's different,
never misjudging or jumping to conclusions,
she'll listen to anyone that asks,
no matter their reality or delusions.
Even when herwings are broken,
and she feels like she have no fight left in her,
she still manages to find heaven's light
to restore her purpose, so pure.
Fight on, my dear angel,
you can beat all that evil throws your way,
no matter the battle,
you're always ready to face another day.
:iconsoslovinsungirl:soslovinsungirl 6 16
Driving on home
and a familiar song begins to play,
suddenly my heart constricts,
as I remember that it was a song that played on our last day.
Only a week has passed since I last saw you
and even so, it feels like a year,
this is the one time I wish time would fly by,
just so I can have you once again near.
Dear God, I miss you so much,
phone calls simply won't do,
I need to see your face
but mostly, I need to be held by you.
I love you so much,
it hasn't even begun to fade,
as I hold tight to the promise of tomorrow
and the wonderful memories we've already made.
I spot my house
as the song comes to an end,
I pull into home
and then let the tears flow freely again.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder,
and that very well is the case,
for to repair the breaks distance causes,
allows it to withstand the future trials it'll face.
:iconsoslovinsungirl:soslovinsungirl 5 15
Singing to Me in the Rain
It's hard to sit here in the emptiness of this house
Knowing that you'll never be here again.
And it's hard to take a breath
When I know I've lost a friend.
I wish I could move back the hands of time
But it's like their glued, can't be moved
And I'm losing my mind.
I can still smell you
Your scent still lingering on my pillow
It helps me go to sleep at night
When I don't think I can
Afraid of the dreams that will come again
And remembering all the words that I didn't say
When I had the chance.
That day was the worst
When the phone call came in.
I totally lost my voice when they repeat the news again
The phone just slipped from my fingertips
Fell to the floor and I ran
Ran out the door and down the road
As if I'd run into you along the way
But you were gone.
We all cried and the days got worst
As the reality of it all sunk in.
People tried to apologize as if that would make it better
And I just turned and walked the other way
Not wanting them to see the state I was in.
Not wanting them
:icondoorfromheaven:doorfromheaven 5 7
One Night
One night,
thats all it takes
for things to be right again
for us to fix our mistakes.
Daylight is too bright
exaggerating things we perceive to be true,
causing all kinds of misconceptions
and highlighting pains we barely knew.
But with the sunset and fading light
fades our barriers and daytime walls
allowing darkness to encompass us
as once again we're willing to bare all.
Although the shadows
make our fears seem more real
its easier somehow to take down our masks
and tell each other what we truly feel.
We're there to protect each other
and heal each other's wounded hearts
using the time old medicine of sleep
and the comfort that laying wrapped around each other imparts.
Night lingers long enough
to helps us reveal our inner desires,
but also fades quick enough
to continue to feed our ever burning fires.
Every so patiently we wait
for daylight to finish twisting and blocking our way,
waiting for darkness to find us
as we once again allow ourselves free reign on what we want to do and
:iconsoslovinsungirl:soslovinsungirl 6 5
The Shell You See
You think you know me
that you have me figured out
that you know how I can be,
and all I care about.
How you think this,
is a conclusion I have yet to befall,
because the person you see
isn't really a person at all.
You see one
who's calm and good at advice,
always willing to help,
a girl who's just simply nice.
A girl who's easy going,
never really complains,
never loses her temper
or calls anyone a bad name.
Can't you tell
that this isn't how any person can really be,
never mad or upset
means there's something I'm not letting you see.
You never see my outbursts
or the tantrums of anger and hate,
you never see my true sadness
or the tears you help create.
You haven't even seen me happy
with my random bursts of joy,
never heard my insane laughter
or even the ideas in which I toy.
Haven't you even once wondered
about the shell of a person you see
how could you have not known
that there is so much more to me?
But yet,
you never thought to ask,
it seems you didn't want to know
what's real
:iconsoslovinsungirl:soslovinsungirl 4 14



I'm a C minor person
United States
Current Residence: UIW
Favourite genre of music: It is a variety, and I am always open to new stuff!
Favourite cartoon character: Rafael froom TMNT, Wolverine, Gambit, Rogue, Bugs Bunny, Ichigo, and of course Kon!
Personal Quote: "Sweetness!"
  • Listening to: my i-tunes
  • Watching: the screen
So I is back after a long vacation....
Can't wait to submit some work.....


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