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On Hold
I'm tired of hearing
An imitation of your tones.
Telling me you aren't there.
5 rings,
and before it gets to the beep,
I hang up.
No use in unheard voicemails.
I look out my window
And I can still see you
Leaning against "your" car
Waiting for the 5 minutes
That tides us over for another year
Or more...
So precious
Now a distant memory
What's next?
Do I forget your face
How you would smirk to hide the smile?
Or how about the cadence of your voice?
Soft and sure?
Or should I just keep calling?
Counting the rings
Praying that I don't reach the number 5
But instead reach you.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 0 5
Just a Thought
Unexpected and confusing
Endless hours and the sun finds me
With the same questions.
How would it feel?
Tracing your cheek
Down your arm?
Finding your hand?

Full of surprises and secrets
The moon smiles on while I listen
Still as stone
Caught in the stories
Of a wounded man
Yearning for more.
All my desires, my fears
Float on the night wind
Just to find you
Speaking for a lost girl
Wondering how it would feel
To kiss a wounded man.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 0 0
I'm proud.
To say that you are my friend.
Through the hate,
Because it didn't matter.
What they dreamed,
What you dreamed.
Your heart led you.
And still does.
My tears unshed,
The fear swallowed.
So that you can go on.
And fight for what you love.
While we wait
To see you home.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 0 7
Mature content
What I Love About You :icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 2 8
Mature content
Empty Love :icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 1 3
What are you?
It doesn't make sense to me.
How someone so genuine, so unique
could possibly be human born.
You keep drawing me closer,
When all I want to do is stay where I'm at.
It's comfortable, it's safe.
But with you...
anything is possible.
By your side,
I start to dream again.
My mind wakes to the timbre of your voice
Yearning for more.
Needing more.
Heaven sent.
Human bred.
Utterly unique,
An angel.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 1 2
We won’t have another chance. So please...
Tell me you want me, so I can beg you to kiss me,
Just like we dreamed,
Just like we wished, miles apart.
Tonight we will make each fantasy a reality.
Tonight we can blame the wine and beer
(We both know it’s a lie.)
Tonight is our little secret,
No reason for him to know.
No reason for three hearts to be broken,
Three dreams shattered.
(They say ignorance is bliss...)
Tonight will be our first and last love.
What a lovely dream we live tonight…
Together at last,
Until dawn breaks the spell
(So that’s how Cinderella felt. So rushed…so desperate.)
And when that hour comes, let’s smile and shake hands.
But when I walk away, I know my heart will stay behind,
Forever with tonight.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 4 6
Mature content
Hurt :icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 2 2
I want you
I gotta have you.
I need that hot touch, tracing my face my neck…
I have to touch you, put my hand over you heart, just to know we are alive.
And together.
This flame is burning me from the inside out.
This hunger increases each day,
And demands to be sated.
There is no reason for us to wait.
When it’s obvious we are aching,
Wanting, needing each other in every possible way.
So take my hand
And lead us to Eden.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 4 0
I miss your ghost smile
It’s there and gone,
But I still got you.
Don’t deny it.
I miss the tough words
How we never follow through.
Proof that you’re there,
and I’m here.
I miss Breaking Benjamin
And I miss you.
But I’m too scared to ask…
Do you miss…
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 1 0
Cross My Heart
Wrapped in white lace,
And sealed with a kiss.
(Keeping it together,)
I’m sorry about the damage.
Does it bother you much?
(It tortures me.)
It’s not much,
But it’s all I have.
(Can you mend it…)
Please cherish my heart,
It’s in your hands.
(Or hope I die?)
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 1 0
When Night Met Day
Who would of thought…that sparks would float silently in the breeze while we talked? Who noticed the stars twinkling with secret knowledge through the night...Not me.
And who could have imagined our endless laughter? Who would have imagined that lovers could be clueless about their own heart’s desire…Not me.
When was the last time someone was held like you hold me? When was the last time intimacy was shared without a single kiss stolen or word spoken…Who knows.
Who would have thought that true love can grow under the strangest circumstance?
Who could have imagined the passion burning endlessly…
When Night met Day?
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 3 3
Your goodbye never left me.
Instead it filled me with tar
I can't breathe...
I don't want to.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 2 4
Just one word
And I fall
To my knees.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 1 0
Foolish Dreamer
What are you thinking?
When did you change?
Why did this friendship go sour?
You thought there was something…
More than this?
Can’t we just be?
It’s not complicated
But you still persist…
Stubborn fool.
What do you want me to say?
I love you?
Kiss me?
Quit dreaming.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 2 5
I don’t you think you understand
Just what you mean to me.
There’s something to be said about a man,
Who can make a girl feel free.
Free from this world.
Free from expectations.
Free from pretenses.
Running wild, being alive.
That is the precious gift your love brought me.
But you still curse yourself
Thinking you aren’t what I need you to be.
I need you the way you are.
I need this just as is.
I need you to run away from me,
And give another girl your precious gift.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 3 8

Random Favourites

Breakthrough to Oblivion
Whispery cry,
faux feathers fly,
an uplift too late,
caressing wings abate,
falling, ever falling,
thoughts and heart, stalling,
and I don't know why I see,
just how far I can go, to be,
an implausible thing of spirit,
an unstable mass, sideshow exhibit,
so memories on playback speed by,
ghosts long gone only know how to die,
a blessing of cold air courses past,
numbing this forsaken body so fast,
that I never feel the impact hit,
scintillation fleeting, bit by bit,
all is dark, action inflamed but still,
for nothing responds, losing my will,
sinking, ever sinking down,
breath long gone, I drown,
buried in a world of gravity,
mingled with spirits of enmity,
losing myself to their remains,
last human thoughts cold refrains,
so I listen, ever listen,
to an endless song, to the end.
:iconvenaeli:Venaeli 3 16
My Snowman Lover
Outside the snow was falling and I got this bright idea--
               I would build a snowman, dress him up like you, man
And somehow I could just pretend for a little bit, you were here with me.
      I spent hours making him perfect. Arms of stick and eyes of coal--
Put on that hat I stole from you last summer.
                 Put on the scarf you wrapped around me when I was cold.
He had a carrot nose that made me laugh for a moment--
           Remembering your impression of Roger Rabbit, and how you almost choked
  I had to pat you on a back for a bit, but we just laughed it off.
Small stones made your smile—but it was still a warm smile to me
:icondoorfromheaven:doorfromheaven 25 106
Beacon of Hope by leokamikaze Beacon of Hope :iconleokamikaze:leokamikaze 2 2 Storm's Race by leokamikaze Storm's Race :iconleokamikaze:leokamikaze 1 1 Rays of Hope by leokamikaze Rays of Hope :iconleokamikaze:leokamikaze 1 2 chinese zodiac - snake by Amuria chinese zodiac - snake :iconamuria:Amuria 12,853 1,522
Second Best
Like the generic brand people buy
when the original is too expensive
or the store is without.
Like the benchwarmer
put in when all other players
are injured or in time out.
Like the leftovers nobody wanted,
thrown in the trash,
made up of lima beans and alfalfa sprouts.
Like the understudy
thrown in the play
when the star doesn't come about.
Like the prostitute gone to
when the wife or girlfriend
just won't put out.
That's all she is,
the leftover...
The one called when no on else can come.
The one thought of last,
or never invited at all.
She's what you settled for
when the girl you aimed for first,
turned you down flat.
What makes her worth this?
Why is she never chosen first?
Why is she the second thought?
Who are you to deem her second best?
:iconsoslovinsungirl:soslovinsungirl 11 19
Can You Hear Me?
Do you ever dream of me?
Have you ever whispered my name?
If you dared to imagine, what would you see?
Do you ever think you could feel the same?
Do you know I am here?
Always hoping, dreaming, praying
That one day you will hold me dear.
When I confide in the wind
Can you hear the words I say?
When I say I love you,
Can you even look my way?
Does it even matter what my feelings may be?
Can you hear me?

How I feel for you is no lie
But everyday you pass me by.
And friendship is just not enough for me
Feel my breaking heart, look into my eyes and see...
Can't you see the love I have for you?
Are you really so blind?
Can you see no future for us?
Is the answer to hard to find?
When I confide in the wind
Can you hear the words I say?
When I say I love you,
Can you even look my way?
Does it even matter what my feelings may be?
Can you hear me?

I shall continue to dream, if only to dream
And I shall continue to pray, if only to cope
And I will always love you, even if it is onl
:iconstevejones313:SteveJones313 20 49
Just a day ago,
you were fine,
laughing and teasing,
dancing outside the lines.
Then suddenly it hits you,
you feel hot to the touch,
but yet you’re shivering under a pile of blankets,
not believing your temperature is such.
You’re sneezing and coughing,
using tissues as far as the eye can see,
and forgetting already to yourself,
what it is that normal can be.
The nights are the worst,
sending back your old delusion friends,
making your half sleep state,
a place that doesn’t seem to have an end.
You try to get away,
but these hallucinations have you in their grasp,
only daylight can give you an inkling of clarity,
from these demons that strike like an asp.
Your worst nightmares take hold,
causing you to toss and turn,
lost in this make believe world,
that is created from the sickness that burns.
:iconsoslovinsungirl:soslovinsungirl 4 13
To My Future Love
Hey Future Love,
I didn’t know how to start this letter
Dear, or hello, couldn’t decide which sound better.
I went for the informal because I’m not trying to impress
Try to make it laid back so there’s no need to stress.
I know I don’t know your name—but someday I hope
We’ll meet on the street and no longer be alone.
Sometimes I gaze up at the stars and imagine how it will be—
Where will it happen? Will you just turn and look at me?
Will we discover the meaning of “love at first sight?”
Perhaps it will take one or two nights—
Laying out under the stars and discovering the mysteries
Asking questions that have eluded the minds of many for centuries.
Maybe it will be our laughter that floats in the air—
That makes us turn in the right direction, at that moment, right there.
Our eyes will meet, and it will be just like in a movie
We’ll smile at each other, and you’ll ask me out for a cup of coffee.
Oh the possibilitie
:icondoorfromheaven:doorfromheaven 885 329
Starlight, starbright,
grant this wish I hold so tight,
with evening's glow and soft candlelight,
bring my dream to reality tonight.
Please dear star, just let him see
just how wonderful I can be,
with my giving heart and personality,
please just let him choose only me.
I know her to be of such
that no man can help but clutch,
and sorry, I don't mean to give any rush,
but please star, I want him so very much.
So my star, hear my plea,
please, won't you answer me?
Can't you just make me be,
his one and only fantasy?
:iconsoslovinsungirl:soslovinsungirl 6 16
Mature content
Pain :iconstevejones313:SteveJones313 17 24



I'm a C minor person
United States
Current Residence: UIW
Favourite genre of music: It is a variety, and I am always open to new stuff!
Favourite cartoon character: Rafael froom TMNT, Wolverine, Gambit, Rogue, Bugs Bunny, Ichigo, and of course Kon!
Personal Quote: "Sweetness!"
  • Listening to: my i-tunes
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So I is back after a long vacation....
Can't wait to submit some work.....


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