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On Hold
I'm tired of hearing
An imitation of your tones.
Telling me you aren't there.
5 rings,
and before it gets to the beep,
I hang up.
No use in unheard voicemails.
I look out my window
And I can still see you
Leaning against "your" car
Waiting for the 5 minutes
That tides us over for another year
Or more...
So precious
Now a distant memory
What's next?
Do I forget your face
How you would smirk to hide the smile?
Or how about the cadence of your voice?
Soft and sure?
Or should I just keep calling?
Counting the rings
Praying that I don't reach the number 5
But instead reach you.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 0 5
Just a Thought
Unexpected and confusing
Endless hours and the sun finds me
With the same questions.
How would it feel?
Tracing your cheek
Down your arm?
Finding your hand?

Full of surprises and secrets
The moon smiles on while I listen
Still as stone
Caught in the stories
Of a wounded man
Yearning for more.
All my desires, my fears
Float on the night wind
Just to find you
Speaking for a lost girl
Wondering how it would feel
To kiss a wounded man.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 0 0
I'm proud.
To say that you are my friend.
Through the hate,
Because it didn't matter.
What they dreamed,
What you dreamed.
Your heart led you.
And still does.
My tears unshed,
The fear swallowed.
So that you can go on.
And fight for what you love.
While we wait
To see you home.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 0 7
Mature content
What I Love About You :icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 2 8
Mature content
Empty Love :icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 1 3
What are you?
It doesn't make sense to me.
How someone so genuine, so unique
could possibly be human born.
You keep drawing me closer,
When all I want to do is stay where I'm at.
It's comfortable, it's safe.
But with you...
anything is possible.
By your side,
I start to dream again.
My mind wakes to the timbre of your voice
Yearning for more.
Needing more.
Heaven sent.
Human bred.
Utterly unique,
An angel.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 1 2
We won’t have another chance. So please...
Tell me you want me, so I can beg you to kiss me,
Just like we dreamed,
Just like we wished, miles apart.
Tonight we will make each fantasy a reality.
Tonight we can blame the wine and beer
(We both know it’s a lie.)
Tonight is our little secret,
No reason for him to know.
No reason for three hearts to be broken,
Three dreams shattered.
(They say ignorance is bliss...)
Tonight will be our first and last love.
What a lovely dream we live tonight…
Together at last,
Until dawn breaks the spell
(So that’s how Cinderella felt. So rushed…so desperate.)
And when that hour comes, let’s smile and shake hands.
But when I walk away, I know my heart will stay behind,
Forever with tonight.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 4 6
Mature content
Hurt :icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 2 2
I want you
I gotta have you.
I need that hot touch, tracing my face my neck…
I have to touch you, put my hand over you heart, just to know we are alive.
And together.
This flame is burning me from the inside out.
This hunger increases each day,
And demands to be sated.
There is no reason for us to wait.
When it’s obvious we are aching,
Wanting, needing each other in every possible way.
So take my hand
And lead us to Eden.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 4 0
I miss your ghost smile
It’s there and gone,
But I still got you.
Don’t deny it.
I miss the tough words
How we never follow through.
Proof that you’re there,
and I’m here.
I miss Breaking Benjamin
And I miss you.
But I’m too scared to ask…
Do you miss…
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 1 0
Cross My Heart
Wrapped in white lace,
And sealed with a kiss.
(Keeping it together,)
I’m sorry about the damage.
Does it bother you much?
(It tortures me.)
It’s not much,
But it’s all I have.
(Can you mend it…)
Please cherish my heart,
It’s in your hands.
(Or hope I die?)
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 1 0
When Night Met Day
Who would of thought…that sparks would float silently in the breeze while we talked? Who noticed the stars twinkling with secret knowledge through the night...Not me.
And who could have imagined our endless laughter? Who would have imagined that lovers could be clueless about their own heart’s desire…Not me.
When was the last time someone was held like you hold me? When was the last time intimacy was shared without a single kiss stolen or word spoken…Who knows.
Who would have thought that true love can grow under the strangest circumstance?
Who could have imagined the passion burning endlessly…
When Night met Day?
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 3 3
Your goodbye never left me.
Instead it filled me with tar
I can't breathe...
I don't want to.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 2 4
Just one word
And I fall
To my knees.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 1 0
Foolish Dreamer
What are you thinking?
When did you change?
Why did this friendship go sour?
You thought there was something…
More than this?
Can’t we just be?
It’s not complicated
But you still persist…
Stubborn fool.
What do you want me to say?
I love you?
Kiss me?
Quit dreaming.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 2 5
I don’t you think you understand
Just what you mean to me.
There’s something to be said about a man,
Who can make a girl feel free.
Free from this world.
Free from expectations.
Free from pretenses.
Running wild, being alive.
That is the precious gift your love brought me.
But you still curse yourself
Thinking you aren’t what I need you to be.
I need you the way you are.
I need this just as is.
I need you to run away from me,
And give another girl your precious gift.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 3 8

Random Favourites

morning star by Princess-of-Shadows morning star :iconprincess-of-shadows:Princess-of-Shadows 1,876 0
once upon a hippo
I once had a pet hippo
who lived in the pool--
he was my favorite pet hippo
back when having a hippo was cool.
All the kids knew me
All the kids wanted to come over
Because all the kids wanted to see
My pet hippo named Rover.
He could do tricks--
He could balance a ball.
He didn't get ticks
And would never let me fall.
He would follow me to school
until the teacher finally yelled
“No Hippos in School!
No Hippos allowed!”
So one day when Rover wanted to come
I had to say “No boy, stay!
Swim and have fun!”
But when I came home...
No Rover could be found!
He had looked so sad,
didn't even make a sound
And no he was gone! And I was mad.
Oh where, Oh where
Could my Rover be?
I've look almost everywhere
Looked up and down and in the sea!
I blame my teacher.
It's all her fault!
This is why I hate her
and have made a Hippo-loving cult.
One day I will find Rover
And we will get our revenge
But until then I must suffer--
Cry so much, I cringe.
So come home, Rover
Come back to
:iconcaptive-serenity:captive-serenity 7 35
He tucks me in; he makes the bed,
when I'm sick, he rubs my head.
He'll test the water to make sure it's just right,
And he apologizes even if we don't really fight.
He can cook delicious treats,
and meals that could knock you off your feet.
He makes me smile when I want to cry,
and if I frown, he instantly asks me why.
The world is mine while I'm combing fingers through his hair,
whispering promises tenderly into his ear.
As soon as small distances leave us alone,
I miss him instantly and wish he were home.
Are we tempting fate by loving so much?
Having love so close to our touch?
Sometimes I am afraid to say goodbye,
thinking that God might believe it's for one last time.
Can I hold him forever? Do I have to let go?
What is left that he needs to know?
My arms needing him to hold,
through the nights and days, warm and cold.
I love him like deserts love the rain after a drought
He's the reason I understand what love is about.
I'd give it all to him if it would make him smile,
Kiss him
:iconcaptive-serenity:captive-serenity 5 23
in the right time frame
I've been there through
the dark times,
when you didn't see,
were afraid to look around,
but I was watching,
hand open and ready to grasp
if you were to reach out,
I wanted to be there.
Had to keep myself
from getting too close,
viewing you as a type of God,
though you were mortal,
even though your words
spoke volumes.
I admired you, but was afraid,
if I said too much
I would just embarrass myself
and that would be the end.
I wished to be your angel,
to save you when the time was right.
But instead you found me
with the feathers torn from the wings,
lying still, barely breathing,
and you dusted me off,
put me back on my feet,
and I needed to be with you--
longed to be close to you.
If we hadn't kissed at that moment,
would we be in love?
Or would I still be in the shadows,
watching you suffer while I floated above?
:iconcaptive-serenity:captive-serenity 7 23
if we could would you
for a day, could we close the blinds
and lie in bed? Tell stories of ships
and waves, and giant squids
under the covers, giggling,
tickling, and let sunlight turn to moonlight
once again.
Throw responsibility out the window
even though that we shouldn't
because love has overflowed
and destroyed reason
and we focus on instinct
I want you to take my hand
and force me to my feet,
we start to dance, slowly,
then closer, a bit faster,
until we forget there is music playing
but we keep going
because our bodies move so well as one.
To take away all your stresses,
your anger and your pain,
if only for a day,
would be a blessing to me...
someday I hope
to be the woman you and I
both wish I could be.
The potential is there
just need some time to grow,
but a part of me is afraid
that when the time to sprout
will be too late
and time has turned into a game
of cruel fate.
Will we wake tomorrow knowing today
we were still in love?
Or will there be a sense of doubt,
because we let opportunit
:iconcaptive-serenity:captive-serenity 9 18
never-ending needs an end
Minutes of passing glimpses leaves longing
for what used to be, will never be, and what has gone and passed
like an hour of heavenly bliss
leaves every minute after
hell frozen in perpetual place.
With another year passing
another layer is forgotten
and a childish heart becomes hardened
as lies and foolishness
takes its place.
How does one grow a foundation out of dirt?
Can a house be supported by unconnected vines?
I end up counting stars
instead of counting blessings
and the lack of coins I have in the bank.
Who is the monster I am becoming?
A new villain to add to the books,
break out the paper and pen,
it's no longer a hoax,
warn all your friends
when there's a demon on the loose.
A part constantly unfulfilled
when the world is in the palms,
what else is there left?
Why is there a longing for more?
Connections in my mind
continually falling short.
I need silence when there is noise.
I need noise when there is silence.
I need pain when I am happy
and when there is happiness,
I need
:iconcaptive-serenity:captive-serenity 4 17
Hawks- Prologue
Some people are born under lucky stars. Some people have been visited by the gods themselves. Some have dragon blood in their veins, how I still don’t want to know. And some are just tough enough and strong enough to survive in this world.
Me? I’m the guy who throws all those other idiots in jail when they’ve had too much to drink in Three Bridges.
-Caden Termont, Hawk.

The golden light of the setting sun reflected off the glittering surface of the bay as the merchant ship Galedasher sailed in to the Bay of Azere. Caden Termont winced and shaded his blue-green eyes, trying to ward off the bright light as he came up from below-decks, looking out towards their newest destination.
The city sprawled ahead, a port town that had spread rapidly. Windfall was strategically placed on the delta of the great Tamris River as it flowed into the bay, letting it manage the travel of traders trying to get to the rich inland cities on the Sky Plains. The Tamris sp
:iconshadowwolf3117:ShadowWolf3117 3 2
Wolverine by silamir Wolverine :iconsilamir:silamir 47 37 What if:Mary Jane colors by pant What if:Mary Jane colors :iconpant:pant 5,212 314 on my fairytale book.. by Princess-of-Shadows on my fairytale book.. :iconprincess-of-shadows:Princess-of-Shadows 2,380 0



I'm a C minor person
United States
Current Residence: UIW
Favourite genre of music: It is a variety, and I am always open to new stuff!
Favourite cartoon character: Rafael froom TMNT, Wolverine, Gambit, Rogue, Bugs Bunny, Ichigo, and of course Kon!
Personal Quote: "Sweetness!"
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So I is back after a long vacation....
Can't wait to submit some work.....


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